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Case Management

At N-Able Services we believe that as each of us is different it is critically important that we creatively and actively design rehabilitation and life style programmes tailored to each individual’s specific and often complex needs. Wherever possible we aim to work alongside our Clients and families in all decisions and choices to create a bespoke rehabilitation and support programme with specific goals and aims.

N-Able Services believe that all Clients should live their lives to their full potential and be supported with respect and dignity.

Our Case Managers are dedicated experienced health and social care professionals from a variety of health and social care backgrounds. In addition to our own internal quality control systems, each Case Manager is individually registered with their professional body and will work to national standards of practice. Several of our Case Managers have achieved Advanced Membership status of the British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers and we have been approved by the Spinal Injuries Association.

We offer our services to Clients throughout the North West and North Wales who have suffered catastrophic injury and specialise in working with Clients following acquired brain and spinal injury and other complex disabilities.

We are proud to have a bespoke Children and Young People’s team who offer services to younger people with catastrophic injury or illness, or who have birth injuries such as cerebral palsy.

We are a dedicated, Client centred team of professionals with a wealth of varied experience in rehabilitation following brain injury, spinal injury and other complex needs. Within the Adult Team, Clients benefit from our wide range of health and social care experience resulting from professional backgrounds which include nursing, social work, occupational therapy and neurological rehabilitation.

We work together with the Client and their family to identify strengths and needs, to develop clear, goal focused plans of rehabilitation, support and care in order to facilitate the Client to reach their full potential, maximise quality of life and independence.

Case Managers will explore all options for therapeutic intervention, identify and implement necessary resources and recruit, train and monitor support staff where required. We will liaise with independent, statutory and community services to ensure a holistic, well coordinated and consistent inter disciplinary team approach, with clear, open communication for the Client and their family.

We will provide support through the various stages of the litigation process and following this, into the future. We prioritise our Client’s needs and best interests at all times, support Clients to make decisions within their capabilities and assess and review risk whilst acknowledging the Client’s rights throughout.

We are motivated, proactive and flexible in our approach. We are committed to continuing to develop our knowledge and skills and to providing evidence based, effective intervention in order to give our Clients the best opportunities for achieving their goals and living life to their full potential.

Here are some quotes from Clients and families as reported within our last CQC inspection:

‘They helped me back to work and now I am helping other people with disabilities.’
‘My (family member) has done a lot better than anticipated thanks to these caring people’
‘Approachability of all staff and your open door policy’
‘I always feel respected by the staff’
‘The genuine caring and support towards myself and Client has been fantastic.’

  • Case Study

  • Our Client sustained a brain injury following an accident in the work place. Prior to the accident the Client had a happy successful family and work life. His responsibilities in both areas were well organised and managed and he was relied on to fulfil this leadership role. The accident and subsequent acquired brain injury turned his and his family life upside down. Daily routine, social and vocational activities and family roles were all significantly affected and this caused substantial stress and strain.

    A thorough assessment was completed by the Case Manager and a plan of intervention recommended. This included a programme of rehabilitation for the Client bringing together other specialists from the following areas: – Neurophysiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Neuropsychology. In addition to this the Case Manager recruited a support worker and facilitated them to work alongside the rehabilitation team toward shared goals, identified a suitable voluntary work placement and set up regular meetings with the Client, his family and rehabilitation team to monitor and review the goals set.

    The role of the Case Manager enabled a structured, organised, working together approach with the Client, their family and professionals resulting in the Client’s quality of life improving considerably. He went from having no structure or routine to having regular weekly activities, involvement in voluntary work and enjoying social activities again. These brought about a sense of purpose for the Client and increased his self worth. Benefits were also seen within his family particularly for his wife. Her husband’s brain injury had a devastating impact for her and the family. With the support of the Case Manager she increased her understanding regarding her husband’s behaviour and she and the family were actively involved in his rehabilitation programme which all contributed to improving their ability to cope with the massive change in their lives. Although they knew there wasn’t a ‘cure’ for brain injury they could now replace despair with hope and begin to see a brighter future for them all.

    We are a team of dynamic and dedicated health and social care professionals working with children and young people. We have vast and varied experience of working with Clients with acquired brain injury and complex health needs and have a wealth of knowledge from our varied and interesting backgrounds. We continue to develop our knowledge and experience to enable us to deliver a unique and high quality service to children and young people and their families.

    We work together with the child and family providing a focused approach to enable children and young people to reach their full potential and maximise their quality of life and independence. A proactive approach is used to identify needs and develop creative personalised programmes of rehabilitation, support and care.

    Whilst working to an agreed case management plan we will liaise and coordinate services from both the private and independent sector. We are aware of the many changes that children and young people experience and we will support them through these transitional stages.

    We will provide support through the various stages of the litigation process both at the present time and into the future. We are experienced in advocating the needs of children and young people and their families; we always act in their best interests and our communication with families and professionals is open and honest.

    Here are some quotes from Clients and families as reported within our last CQC inspection:

    ‘It has changed all our lives for the better’
    ‘Everyone is professional and helpful’
    ‘Nothing is too much trouble’
    ‘there is always an opportunity to say what you think – that could be through surveys, meetings or just picking up the phone.’

    • Case Study
    • At the time the Case Manager was introduced to Client A he was 8 years old and had been involved in a road traffic accident some years previously. Client A was attending a local primary school. He was experiencing the following difficulties: – meeting age related educational expectations; tiredness, high levels of fatigue; social isolation from peers; epilepsy, challenging behavioural outbursts and an indication from the school to the Parent that his education may be better met through a specialised school. This information was not initially welcomed by the Parent.

      The Case Manager led and encouraged a joined up partnership approach involving the parent, school, educational psychologist, medical professionals and the therapy team which resulted in an increased person centred, solution focused approach. The outcome of this was that within six months Client A had settled well into a new school environment, was enjoying friendships with peers, engaging in the curriculum and was thriving. The Parent felt she had been heard and supported particularly during the transition into a new school enabling her to relax and gain back trust.

      The Case Manager’s role in enabling a joined up approach was critical to the outcome in this process; not only bringing everyone together but in advocating on behalf of the Client and their family in relation to the difficulties experienced and the support required. Through the Case Management monitoring and review as well as the continued input from the therapy team this child was supported to fulfil his goals, feel safe secure and happy.