N-Able services


1. What is a Case Manager?
Case Managers work closely with you to ascertain what is important to you now and your hopes and wishes for the future. Together we will discuss your needs and work out a plan to support you. This may also involve finding specialist therapists, services, education or training. The Case Manager will assist you to recruit support staff where required and will support you and your family along the journey of your recovery and rehabilitation.

2. What happens when my case settles?
Case Management will support you through the medico-legal process but is not part of the legal process. We understand that support may be required for a very long time and that this may be continuous or at times of life change. The role of the Case Manager can extend beyond settlement if you wish to continue working together with us and 60% of our clients choose to do just that as it ensures that their needs continue to be managed in a consistent manner which promotes their independence.

3. How is Case Management regulated?
Each Case Manager has had extensive clinical experience, in various professional capacities, prior to practising as a Case Manager and it is a requirement of our organisation that they maintain their professional registration with their regulatory body. In addition we aim to match each Case Manager with the Client’s needs during the allocation process. N-Able Services places a strong emphasis on providing the highest quality service possible for all of its Clients and has a strong quality assurance process internally. We actively encourage and support professional development within our teams and we also seek regular feedback from our Clients to ensure that we consistently provide high quality services. N-Able Services is regulated and inspected at least annually by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and our reports can be viewed on line at www.cqc.org.uk

4. Who pays for Case Management?
The Client pays for our services. The costs for these may be included within your compensation claim where applicable or will be discussed with you clearly at the point of initial contact. If you wish to continue with us following a settlement we would be able to advise on predicted costs based on identified future needs for your consideration and agreement. Please contact our office to discuss charge rates.

5. Which locality do you work in?
Consideration is given on an individual basis. We consider what is practical and affordable to our clients before agreeing to any work.

6. How do you reach a Case Manager out of hours?
We provide a proactive service and your Case Manager will fully discuss your needs with you. Our core hours are 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday but this is flexible within reasonable boundaries according to the client needs.

7. How do I know I am receiving a quality service?
We are inspected by the Care Quality Commission on a regular basis. We strive towards the ‘Framework of Competencies for Case Managers and Standards for Case Management Practice’ (BABICM) and ‘Standards and Best Practice Guidelines’ (CSMUK) to ensure that we offer a robust system to check the quality of service we offer to our Clients. All of our Case Managers have regular supervision and training to ensure current knowledge and best practice.

8. Can I change my Case Manager if I want to?
It is acknowledged that within every relationship problems sometimes arise. If agreements cannot be reached, we will work with you to seek a suitable resolution.

9. How often will I see my Case Manager?
All our Case Managers are required to maintain strict timescales with regard written and verbal communication with Clients and their representatives. Some Clients need to see their Case Manager more frequently than others and frequency of visits will be discussed with you as part of our process.

10. Will my information be shared with anyone else?
Confidentiality is paramount to all the work undertaken throughout our organisation and compliance is ensured through our quality assurance systems. Information provided in confidence or information that could identify a Client will not be released without your consent, unless, this is judged to put you at risk, or we are required to share the information by law. We may need to share information with other professionals as part of your rehabilitation process but this will only be on a need to know basis and with your consent

11. How long will I need Case Management involvement?
We identify long and short term goals for the client and any support staff to work towards. An individual plan is provided and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that the rehabilitation needs continue to be achieved.

12. How can I report my concerns?
We encourage all feedback as this supports our continual learning and development. The Case Manager will provide you with our feedback and complaints policy which details how to give feedback and our timescales for responding and actioning any concerns.

13. What happens when my child reaches adulthood?
When your child reaches adulthood we will support transition into our Adult Team with you at an appropriate pace.

14. You’re a private company do you work with professionals from the statutory sector?
Yes, we will work in partnership with a wide range of services to ensure the best interests of the Client are met.

15. Who recruits support staff if I need them?
The Case Manager will take the lead on recruitment of support staff and will ensure that all the necessary employment and safeguarding checks are carried out. You will be involved in this process at a level that you wish and this will be discussed with you fully